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Free Education offered in Fact Sheet format with supported large scale science studies for further learning.

Avoid the trap of expensive feeds that are not helping your horse stay healthy and avoid disease.

Undertaking a comprehensive hair analysis will reveal if there are potential toxicities present in your horses system. It can not be over stated how important this window into your horses mineral status can mean. If your horse has a long standing toxicity, this substance may be the reason why things are not travelling well for your horses health. We can recommend the correct antagonist minerals to reduce these toxicities. A hair analysis can also reveal what specifically is lacking or not being absorbed from the diet, then you feed only what your horse is lacking. Find out more at https://thenudehorse.com.au/testing-options/hair-analysis/ from as little as $88 for the results and a comparative guide or $159 for the complete package, indepth explanations, a comprehensive guide to correcting imbalances, non biased recommendations.

Hair analysis testing is offered as a voluntary service by The Nude Horse, the Laboratory charges the same price. We have dedicated our time and energy into helping horses, not lining our pockets. We are not affiliated with any feed supplement company. Although we are happy to recommend ones that meet specific needs.


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