See why soil and plant testing, hair analysis and feed compatibility testing can reveal an accurate story about what is really going on in your paddock (feed) and internally for your horse. Something just not quite right and you can’t put your finger on it? With select reliable testing you can quickly discover toxicities or deficiencies that are occurring.

Why use The Nude Horse for testing?

We employ the very best professional bodies in Australia, especially without bias. We do not sell anything, the results here are for helping you work out what is going on within your horse and check for deficiencies. We can point you in the right direction for soil building, fertilizing, repair soil microbes, advising on quality feed supplements, helping you tailor a safe and beneficial diet to help your horse repair itself and be healthy again.

Examine first why its important to benchmark first – that is draw a line in the sand to know where your horse is at now, so changes can be implemented and results measured with accuracy.

Why Benchmark

Grass or hay Testing

Soil Testing

Hair Analysis (mineral content)

Coming soon: Tissue Analysis (food compatibility testing)

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