Soil testing should be the first test you undertake, what is in the soil forms the environment and pasture your horse grazes on.


Your initial test preferably will be the more comprehensive version $198 – providing an indepth window into all possible minerals available and potential heavy metal toxins. If this test shows up no toxicities, you will not have to retest for this later.

The follow up test is the regular soil analysis – $121 will show how your improvements are going. We recommend following up 6 months after treating your paddocks with fertilizer and re-mineralising.

Why use The Nude Horse for your soil testing? We are Australia based and understand the soil issues and how to source the right help to fix the problems you may come across. The Nude Horse works in association with EAL Laboratory at Southern Cross University in Lismore NSW. The team of experienced professional are happy to help explain your soil analysis with you personally.

Begin with testing random selections of soil across the paddock or property.  It is recommended to collect samples of soil at least 10cm beneath the ground surface and take samples in a diagonal pattern up, back and across a paddock/property to deliver an overall measurement of total soil quality.  Avoid strong growth areas (where animals urinate or defecate) like wise avoid bare patches (unless specifically testing why a large area may be bare).

A comprehensive soil test will accurately measure the available macro and micro nutrients (minerals), the pH level, basic colour and texture, total organic matter, total carbon, total nitrogen, silicone levels and any traces or toxic levels of heavy metals.  It is best practice to undertake the most comprehensive test first as your benchmark.  This will highlight any dangerous toxicities or notable deficiencies.  Once you know what you are working with, follow up testing can be basic allowing a comparable measure of improvements achieved or shortfalls to follow up.  Sending in a sample of 200grams blended from random dug sites is all it takes to benchmark your soil.

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